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Techno Takeover 28

Iris: It Generates Review

Originally I planned on listening to the whole album of Wrath, but that took to long and I really want to talk about the best Iris song ever. That's exactly what I'm going to do. However, I must inform the world about the band, so band history time.

Andrew and Reagan

Reagan Jones and Andrew Sega the two people that make up the band Iris. Iris formed in my birth year, 1993, and have been trucking along ever since. Andrew replaced Mat Morris after he left because he didn't like the direction the band was going in after the first album. So then he was replaced by Andrew and he helped push their sound in an experimental direction and out popped Awakening. After that album (reached number 1 in Poland mainstream charts) came the follow up album Wrath.

I'm almost definite this was the first song I heard from Iris. "It Generates" is a synthpop track with a catchy bass and the most infectious chorus ever. When it comes on Pandora I seriously have to press pause after it ends just to listen to it at least ten more times on iTunes because I can't listen to it just once. The guitar and bass add a nice touch to it because it's not something commonly found in synth pop or any other genre heavily electronic based.

Reagan Jones has a beautiful voice. I fell in love with it almost instantly and I continue to love just about every other Iris song I've heard. I'll get to the not so great songs at a later date. Speaking of not so great things, I hate that last awkward minute of the song. I tried to tolerate it but I ended up cutting out in Audacity so instead of a 3 minute and change song it now only lasts for 2:44.

Now that the complaints are out of the way, time to brag about how awesome it is again. I think this might be the best track off of Wrath, I like one other song Land of Fire I believe is the name but it does not hold my attention the way "It Generates" does. "It Generates," is like a drug and I am completely addicted to it with no plans on going to rehab for my addiction. I can not describe my love for this song in any other way. It's such a happy and upbeat song there's part of me that refuses to believe anyone could hate it. I know some people will because Pandora says in their bio for the band that they were once described as disposable but I digress.
It sounds happy and upbeat until you really think about the chorus which is this:
"It generates your life
It generates your low
It found a way inside
It left a gaping hole
Let us sound the alarm let a warning rage.
Before it's gone and you leave another body"

Then it gets really dark in my opinion. Something got inside someone, left a hole (in their heart I'm guessing) and it has happened before to a point where a body was left. I doubt it's a physical meaning of someone murdered someone. Unless it is and that would be the ultimate twist. Sometimes I like to check for other people's opinions on songs and this was one of those cases.

Everyone said it had something to do with religion and I was like shut up you're wrong. No I didn't literally type that as a comment, but I wanted to. No I don't think they're wrong for having an opinion I just disagree with it being about religion. I'm at a point where I'm not even sure what the song is about myself, but I do know I can relate to this song on some level because in honesty it reminds me of when someone has to show up, piss me off, and then run off like they're not going to pay for it in end. I'm not a physical person, but I will chew a person out if I feel they deserve it. So in a sense, the it would be anger, getting inside and leaving a hole. The people around them would be 'sounding the alarm' which would mean telling them they'd better go apologize for being a damn idiot, before I get the chance to verbally kick them in the face.

That's what I thought about earlier in the week... then again I have a tendency to think some really messed up things.

So to sum things up Iris is a pretty decent band, Reagan Jones' vocals are perfect in this song, and I recommend that everyone listens to it. Thank you Pandora for showing me another awesome band. I highly appreciate it.

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