Thursday, June 6, 2013

Happy Anniversary Broken Infinite ... Along Came An EZ Rider & More


            Yes. I am stealing the line from both WWE & Freddy Kruger. But this really feels like a great new start. 1 year ago today, I decided to break away from J1 Studios and start Broken Infinite … and built the site. Yep. One year ago, I was busy putting in code and getting the site launched. It was a very big turning point for me and for those who follow me. Speaking of which, those who followed me as we started BI were Jeremias de Leon (Xaos), Jeff Williams (16 bit Jeff), Durga (Eric McLeod), Darryll B Carter, & Hector Ramirez.

            There have been quite a few people who have come & gone from BI since then. There have been a lot of new blood lately. TWK, The Navigator, Yamiangie, Bobbert33, Ed the Crimson, Mahogany Cow, MadShadow42, Darkon633, Pugsly6883, Wheelchair21, BAClend of  Laid Back Comics, Visible Ninja, Brotha Doug, Devin Walker, Big Cheese KIT & more have filled up our ranks. The site is very different from what it was.

            I always wanted Broken Infinite to be a place where people can be themselves and really enjoy what they love be it comics, gaming, anime, tokusatsu & more. This site has grown so much in the last year and I am proud of what it is becoming. We are moving into another phase in its development.

             So, Broken Infinite is one years old. What will happen next? Over the next 24 hours, you are gonna see content from a bunch of our contributors, every hour … on the hour. Plus, I’m am pleased to announce that EZ Rider himself will be official joining.  Yes. You’ll be seeing Toku Time and all of EZ’s works now here … in the Infinite. So please, welcome EZ with your views & comments.

            In honor of you, our readers, viewers, contributors and friends … we will have a new post of content every hour on the hour with some other content. We will be showing you much of our coverage of Wizard World Philadelphia 2013 including interviews with creators, footage, pics & more. So, it’s a celebration … enjoy. We here at the Broken Infinite thank you.  Thank you to Valiant Comics for being with us for a year now & showing their universe. Thank you to Aspen Comics & Action Lab Entertainment for helping us a long and letting us into their worlds. Thank you for anyone who contributes, had contributes and/or help BI over this last year.

            And from the bottom of my heart, thank you. Time to Break the Cycle again. Get ready cause you ain’t seen nothing yet.

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