Friday, June 7, 2013

Shrinetime Entertainment episode 8 - Shehday

In this episode. Huge improvements been going on in the show, but don't mind the audio during Stephanie's interview since we have some interference. Still the show must go on.

Voice Actress, Stephanie Sheh is in the GuestSpot and is hanging in the Shrine with the Founding Five. Any Questions you got for us to share with her, we will see about asking her during the podcast. Also some topics that will be covered during the podcast. "What makes us as fans of anime in the first place?" Plus every week stuff been going on in the cast such as: ShrineTime News: your news for games and anime. Nerdcore 5150.

This is Shrinetime Entertainment Podcast!

 Also, support a webseries starring the talented Stephanie Sheh, it's called "Hollow Ship" Go to to her Kickstarter page for more details! 

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