Friday, June 7, 2013

Straight Forward Reviews: Bubblegun # 1

Aspen debuts another brand new series this month after Jirni debuted in April. In this edition of Straight Forward reviews we look at cyberpunk action in Bubblegun issue 1. Sparkling issue 1!

Review by Jeremias de Leon


The story in this issue, as it should do since it is a first issue, is set up the characters and the world. They debut in a big action scene that quickly lets you know what each characters strengths are and then afterward have some character building dialog and then at the end delve into what the plot for the next issues are going to be. In a spoiler free nutshell. 

The writing is not bad, the dialog between characters is believable and well done. The world seems to be pretty huge and have a lot of lore for it. In this issue, it seems to be a good thing and a bit of a drawback. It looks like there's going to be plenty going on in this world to not run out of stories to tell but it also feels like there's some important things about the world that the reader should have known about the world; like a little as to why certain corporations are extremely powerful or important t the characters. The story doesn't stop being enjoyable but it feels like there could have been some more information. Though I'm sure there will be more explanations in the second issue.


The main character and the crew she's in are all distinct and, although some got more time to shine than others, it's obvious when reading their dialog that they all have tons of personality. Also their designs are all fantastic. I love their character designs, they all have this nostalgic flavor and new sensibilities at the same time. Plus they're all bright and colorful and Molli and her sister look fabulous. It's nice to see colorful characters like them. 

Molli as a character has a lot of spunk and is very animated. Her sister is a nice foil for her, and their crewmates are all very distinct. 

To speak about how well the character designs are, I originally was not supposed to review this book! But after seeing the first two pages and how the characters looked I was intrigued enough to want to review the book and see if it really was good. 


I already mentioned how much love I have for the characters. The whole comic is a colorful cyberpunk adventure and the inventive designs don't just stop at the characters. The weapons and technology are cool and the action looks flashy and stylish. The art is what made me pay attention and it will most likely get you to pick up the book. So it more than does it's job in my book.


This book is tons of fun to read. There is less information about the world than I would like but it looks great and the characters are awesome. Plus there being less information than I'd like doesn't mean it is by any means not followable or poorly written. Quite the opposite. I give this comic an 8.5 out of 10

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