Saturday, June 22, 2013

Straight Forward Reviews: Executive Assistant Assassins #12

This is straight forward reviews and this time we're looking at the newest Executive Assistant Assassins.

Review by Jeremias de León


The story is, as the character Marty McFly from Back to the Future would say, "heavy". It's also quite engaging. It centers around the new assassin Daisy and her past just before becoming an executive assistant.

She goes through quite a bit and you see through her eyes what makes her the way she is in the beginning of the comic. Some would say that although it is extreme it's probably not impossible for someone in her position to be mentally unbalanced and make the choices she does. Or at least the writing made me believe that. Also worth noting you don't actually see her make the choices in this issue but what leads up to them. Spoiler free synopsis right there for you.

Also worth noting is the character interactions, Daisy feels really fleshed out and quite smart from the times she speaks to her father and other characters. Also her inner monologue reveals quite a bit of her personality. She doesn't necessarily seem psychotic but all the things she's felt has shaped her and it looks like she wants to make others feel the way she did.


The art in this issue is, well, fantastic. The dark colors and the faceless people in the beginning of the comic with the normal colors and more realistic style in the rest of the comic make a nice contrast. With the beginning of the comic showing Daisy as basically a hyper trained killer and the rest of the comic she's a mostly normal girl though already showing she is very smart.


This issue gripped me. I already gave out a 10 earlier and I don't give those out like candy but the writing in this issue was just so well done and Daisy's emotion and her struggle was so believable that I couldn't put the comic down. That's what a comic is supposed to do. Make you want to keep reading. So even though I don't want to see as that guy giving out two 10s already I have to give it a 10 out of 10.

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