Saturday, June 22, 2013

Straight Forward Reviews: Fathom The Elite Saga 1

This time on Straight Forward Reviews we look at Fathom's new arc the Elite Saga. I always wondered after reviewing Aspen's other books if I'd get my hands on the book that's their namesake and Michael Turner's legacy. Well, this is my chance. Also yes, I know this issue is out already. Stuff happened and... well, better late than never right?

Review by Jeremias de León 


With the events of the previous arc Aspen herself is in a way, cooling down. Meanwhile something big is brewing with the elite commander of the Blue, Killian, searching for his wife and child who fled from him. While Killian's wife and child are on the run they do everything they can, or at least the mother does everything she can, to stay safe while in the outer reaches where the capitol has little to no influence. Terrible things happen concerning Killian's child and it eventually reaches Aspen again.

Vince Hernandez, who also writers for Executive Assistant Assassins writes well on this series as well. That great writing is usually in the form of both dialog and inner thoughts of the characters.


The stylistic choice for the art is perfect. Having many characters who are either underwater or from the deep blue depths the art having a wispy, almost sketched but still detailed style makes them look like the characters look like they definitely are either underwater or come from water. The use of blues and purples add to the atmosphere too. Also, Aspen herself looks great. But some part of me thinks you can't not make Aspen pretty. Nothing to complain about her.


The Elite Saga is starting off strong. It could use just a little bit more exposition on to why some things are important. It seems more will definitely be revealed about Killian's child as the series goes on but just how did Killian's wife flee? How did Kiani get in the position she's in? Just a little more would have made this easier to swallow. None the less it's still a great book and the artist in me thinks it's worth having just on it's art and the world it takes place in. I give Fathom The Elite Saga 1 a 9 out of 10.

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