Friday, June 7, 2013

Time to Drop the X

This is Ed The Crimson a.k.a. Bullet Beast from Dropping the X: An Unofficial Hunter X Hunter Podcast here to tell you about what me and my peeps do on Dropping the X, and to wish The Broken Infinite happy birthday! Good job on getting past your first year and continuing to kick ass!

Dropping the X: An Unofficial Hunter X Hunter Podcast is a podcast that covers the anime and manga series Hunter X Hunter by Yoshihiro Togashi.(The man that penned Yu Yu Hakusho) Every week the hosts Dame Dr. Foxy Brown, Diego, and I cover the latest news involving the series, review new anime episodes, and even cover the manga when Togashi gets off his lazy ass and decides doodle one up for us.

In our latest podcast Episode 72 – We can smile again?, the DTX crew talk about the shit that gets really real in Episode 80: Evil X And X Terrible and the news: Shonen Jump's J-World Tokyo Indoor Theme Park, Weekly Shonen Jump Scan.
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