Friday, June 7, 2013

WW Philly 2013: Zenescope & Titmouse Get Animated With Grimm Fairy Tales Pilot

Wizard World Philadelphia 2013 Report
Zenescope’s  Grimm Fairy Tale Animated Pilot

            It was Saturday. The busiest day at the convention. There was a LOT going on in the convention that day.  This was the first panel I had attended on Saturday and was excited. I had recently purchased Neverland and the Dream Eater Saga from the Zenescope table during the first 2 days of the convention. I was excited to see that we were gonna have a pilot showing at Wizard World Philadelphia.

            So, right before noon, I was able to slip in to the panel room as watch as Raven Gregory, Joe Brusha, Ralph Tedesco & Jon Schnepp. After introductions, they joked about the lights, each other and were happy to see so many people here. The lights were dimmed and the pilot episode of Grimm Fairy Tales Animated began.

            And we start off with meeting grand creatures, a warrior named Sela with a beast and a … troll? I was not sure at the time. And … heads get chopped off.  After the pretty damn awesome opening  … we get to met our warrior woman … as a teacher in the modern world named Sela. She wants to guide teens while also protecting the world known as Myst. She watches while a troubled teen named Gina ends up with the wrong crowd.

            And there is drinking and cursing … oh … I am sure the parents and children in the crowd were not expecting that. Especially after the heads were being cut off. And .. . did he just …. Like did he really just …? Oh my god.  A guy in the cartoon named Jerry … took some cocaine and snorted it off a chick’s ******.

            Um … yeah.  This panel should NOT have been scheduled at 12 noon. So we go through a gruesome retelling of Hansel and Gretel that seems to hit home for Gina and her brother Hank. After the end of the pilot,  Schnepp, Tedesco, Brusha and Gregory took questions.

            One person asked how they put all of it together and Schnepp and the others explained that Kickstarter really helped bring this show into fruition. One young hopeful was asking about the voice cast while also wanting to be part of the show himself. And while both during the pilot’s airing and the questions, there were some people who left, the majority of people stayed and enjoyed the pilot, after being asked about it by an enthusiastic Raven Gregory.

            We were treated to an abridged version of the 30 minute behind the scenes, condensed into 10 minutes but was interesting and fun to see how Schnepp and Titmouse got the show together. They said they are touring to raise more money for a full season of shows. And if the pilot was any indication, it is gonna be a fun, scary and entertaining ride.

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