Sunday, July 21, 2013

Comics News: Action Lab Reveals Molly Danger & Vamplets

With the arrival of San Diego Comic Con this week, comic lovers from all spheres are ready to get their hands on all of the new and exclusive books which have come to be a hallmark of the convention. Action Lab is offering a number of unique variant covers for the occasion including covers from Jamal Igle, Mike Norton, and Jeremy Dale. However, the biggest thing Action Lab is offering is an advance look into the pages of it's upcoming titles "Molly Danger" and "Vamplets" with exclusive covers just for the convention.

However, there are millions of people who would love to be at the convention and can not. As such, Action Lab has partnered with Comixology to launch both of our new previews online immediately. If you log into Comixology you can get a digital first look at Molly Danger and Vamplets using their brand new Guided View technology. Even if you can't make the con, this is a chance for any comics fan to get a little piece of comic con and a look at the future of both Action Lab Comics and Comixology.

Both books are available now!

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