Sunday, July 21, 2013

Comics News: The Maxx Returns in IDW

Announced today at SDCC 2013, Sam Kieth and IDW Publishing will reprinted MONTHLY in a new, remastered version of the cult classic comic (and for a short time, an MTV animated show) The Maxx. The Remastered version will feature recolored pages and brand new, painted covers by Kieth each and every issue. Kieth also said that he is rescanning each panel, touching up artwork and will be recolored. Kieth even said that plenty of unused scenes, panels & art will all be added in to this new, remastered version of The Maxx

  Kieth stated that the reason why he's putting this out monthly is because it has been a significant amount of time since The Maxx was originally out and will allow readers to ease themselves back in. That being said, when questioned about doing BRAND NEW The Maxx series, Kieth firmly responded that that will not happen. 

Here is a quote from CBR's interview with Kieth:

I said all I had to say in the first run, unless I get hit by a brick tomorrow and suddenly want to draw new "Maxx" crap, decide to screw it up with a sequel. You can't go home. Why ruin it? Let it be what it is.
The Maxx # 1 (Remastered) will be hitting stores early 2014.
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