Sunday, July 21, 2013

Comics News: Dark Horse Gathers DeConnick, Sebela & Sook

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       Announced by Dark Horse yesterday at SDCC 2013, the indy company revealed that they are releasing a new "Ghost" ongoing series. The new ongoing will be written by recent reboot miniseries scribe Kelly Sue DeConnick, joined by new co-writer Christopher Sebela and artist Ryan Sook.

"Ghost" follows a deceased reporter named Elisa Cameron who was murder through supernatural means, yet returns to earth in a not fully physical body. DeConnick and Sebela promised that they are picking up from the ending of the original miniseries,trying to find out more about Elisa and also, they found 32 crystals which represent 32 demons that are disguised as humans on Earth. So Elisa, alongside her supporting cast, will be hunting down these demons.

Both writers also stated that Elisa will be working alongside Vaughn and the others to piece together about her past as well as the mystery of the mayor after a demon was exercised from him.

Ghost # 1, written by Kelly Sue DeConnick & Christopher Sebela with art by Ryan Sook, will hit shelves in November.

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