Sunday, July 21, 2013

Comics News: Ultimate Marvel Prepares for Ultimate Spidey # 200 & Cataclysm

     Announced during Marvel Ultimate Universe panel at SDCC 2013, we got some juicy tidbits coming to the Ultimate Universe. The panel featured writers Brian Michael Bendis, Joshua Hale Fialkov, Senior editors Nick Lowe and Steve Wacker and Marvel's Editor in Chief, Axel Alonso.
First up, as Ultimate Spider-man nears issue # 200, writer Bendis hinted on several big things to come with Utimate Spiderman ... including discovering the sins and superhumans of Roxxon alongside Spiderwoman, Cloak & Dagger, the return of Bombshell, introducing Ultimate Taskmaster and the return of Norman Osborn in issue # 200. As recorded by CBR, Bendis quotes: 

“Miles has to meet Norman Osborn.”

Also, after going over details on what is coming up in Ultimates and Ultimate Comics X-Men, the other major announcement by editor Nick Lowe in the panel was the upcoming miniseries, Cataclysm:The Ultimates Last Stand. The miniseries will be written by Bendis with art by long time collaborator, Mark Bagley. The story centers around Galactus coming towards Ultimate Earth ... with the Ultimate Universe finding out about the main Marvel Universe but conflicted since they can't send back Galactus back there cause he'll just eat THAT Earth. 

Bendis praised Bagley's art while Steve Wacker said that the miniseries will affect the entire Ultimate Universe line and Alonso added that there would be tie ins to Cataclysm long after the miniseries ends. Now actual release date has been stated for the miniseries. 

After those details, the group took questions. 

So, Miles will have a tough road ahead of him ... him and the rest of the Ultimate Universe as Galactus is coming and he's hungry.
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