Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Straight Forward Reviews: BubbleGun # 2

With the second issue of Bubblegun out we're here to answer the question, is it still good or even better?

Review by Jeremias de Leon


Already this issue improves over my complaint of last issue (I still really liked the issue mind you) about the backstory hardly being there. There's some time taken to explain things about Molli's past and about the world itself. Which is done well, there isn't a wall of dialog but it also isn't too short either. For a comic that has a lot of action in it they gave it a proper amount of time... or... panels. 

The dialog is still well done as in the previous issues. Even though this is a sci-fi world with a lot of crazy cyborgs and the like the characters still talk and act like people would or as you would expect like people would. Maybe the antagonists are a bit flat for now but with one of them being a bit of a surprise perhaps the others will turn out to be more interesting too.


The art looks great. I just love the stylistic choices made with the characters especially on the female characters hair. Even more especially Molli's hair. Her hair looks like a flame in most of the pages and it really makes her standout. The world is drawn fantastically when you see more of the world in this issue it really does look like it is an actual place with specific landmarks and the like when you take a closer look. Which I have to give credit for.


This fixes the few complaints I had with the first issue, and it has good action scenes and a really cool art style so I have to give this a recommendation. When read with issue 1 it starts to make sense, issue 1 by itself I had a few minor gripes with though I still loved it but if read with issue 2 it really looks to be an awesome comic. I give Bubblegun issue 2 a 9 out of 10.

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