Saturday, August 31, 2013

Shoutouts ... or something of that nature

A Quick Shout out (or something of that nature) too:

E Nomine

There are times when Pandora plays something awesome, there are times when Pandora plays something completely stupid or annoying, and then there are times when I don't know what to do with what it's playing.
Introducing a band from Germany called E Nomine. The band refers to their music as monumental dance is a strange combination of trance, techno, Gregorian chanting and singing. Their songs are mainly in German and Latin.

Enter the song "Vater Unser (Our Father)" which is the only song I've heard so far because sometimes Pandora has a horrible track record for consistency of artists/bands. I don't think I hate it because that's usually very easy to tell if you don't like a song. I can't say I love it either. I listen to it and I am confused. I've been like this for a month. It starts with  Christian Br├╝ckner speaking in this growl and it sounds like something you'd hear in a church. And then the singing happens and it still sounds like a church hymn but set to a really nice beat and it's all electronic. 

*Side note they often bring in people to perform certain parts of songs. Christian is a well known German voice actor and long time collaborator with the band.*

Have I looked up the translation? Nope, I have not looked for the lyrics in English. That usually leads to disappointment so I will stay unsure as to what the translation is until I can form an opinion of the song at face value. 

The band E Nomine


I don't have anything to accurately compare them to so saying if you like one band you might like these guys and I haven't heard much from them so there's no easing your way into this band like there is with Wumpscut as far as my advice goes. Pandora just threw this song at me while I was listening to my Assemblage 23 Radio. I guess if you're like me and enjoy Gregorian chants and Industrial music and wondered if there's a band who combines the two genres, this would be the band for you. 

** A quick thing as to where I've been**
Tumblr and Supernatural ate my life. I didn't stop reviewing I just get lost in the depths of tumblr and then by the time I think maybe I should get to reviewing something because I now have a backlog I could never hope to dig through it's like 11 PM. I shall try to leave tumblr when there's annoying downtime because everyone seems to have disappeared to review things.  

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