Saturday, August 31, 2013

1st Impressions: QUANTUM & WOODY # 3

Written by James Asmus
Art by Tom Fowler, & Jordie Bellaire
Valiant Comics

                If you thought the insanity of last issue was something, that was just the beginning. It seems that ERA agents Johnny 1 and Johnny 2 unleash the Nightmare Brigade; genetically engineered monsters that are supposed to bring out 3 of man’s more common fears into one gestalt of a monster: clowns, spiders & needles. And, by the Matrix, is it gruesome.  Quantum and Woody are able to escape them … and the police but then end up going their separate ways after another fight between each other. Unfortunately, this proves very smart for one and very stupid for the other as the ERA closes in.

                Fowler’s style is rough but by issue three, readers should be used to it. The rougher pencils actually help with the more gruesome or uglier scenes and give much emotions to the characters. Fowler has great proportions and style with our heroes and our villains and it shows. ERA members look like a cross between James Bond villains and scary rejects from the COPS cartoon from the 80s. (Google it!)
                Fowler gives great action alongside Bellaire, who does a great job giving this world shade and color. Things that seemed to be too muted before in previous issues definitely feel and look more vibrant here. And the two deliver solid art for the book that makes you want more; as well as being something a bit more old school comics with new school sensibilities. 
                This issue was an amazing rollercoaster ride. It definitely went faster than the 2 previous issues but in a good way. It did not feel forced. Asmus yet again brings us some of the best writing in comics with his particular dialogue and personalities of Quantum & Woody.  It is a different dynamic from Archer & Armstrong and it works solely for them. That is part of the books charm.
                The dialogue was authentic. The pacing was great. The flashbacks do not interfere at all with the story but enhance it. And the reveal on what the ERA really is was well done. And that is not the only surprise this issue.  Asmus is putting in the work of his career right here and it shows with every page.

                Are you kidding me? If you are not reading this book, then something is WRONG. BUY IT when it comes out on Wednesday (or Possibly Thursday cause of the Holiday). Spectacular writing. Great art. Awesome story.  Relatable leads. Geniunely funny lines.

                Wow. The industry is REALLY getting to me. This book was just amazing. I give Quantum and Woody # 3 a 10 … out of 10.

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