Saturday, August 3, 2013

Special: Help Kickstart The Pandas Show NOW!!

The artist known as Mast, known for his work on PAX for Thrillbent and Marvel Infinite Comics, has been working hard on kickstarting his latest masterpiece, The Pandas Show. The Pandas Show is a multi-media satire of many movies ... just with the cast as Pandas.

  The pilot is currently up on Thrillbent while the creator, Mast, hopes to raise 68,000 in order to do the following with the project: 13 digital comics, 13 games and a trade paperback. The aggressive campaign will have plenty of parodies and hopes to build a solid brand from the Kickstarter.

 The digital comics would be available on Thrillbent while the 13 games would be platform games, based on many popular tv shows and movies including Star Wars, Walking Dead, Breaking Bad and move. For full details, go to the Kickstarter and donate now.

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