Friday, September 27, 2013

Webcomic: Mixtape debuts!

Hello everyone it's your BI VP here Jeremias with something to debut for you guys. I've been talking with some of the other people that work with and for TheBrokenInfinite, especially EIC Frankie and I've decided to work on a weekly webcomic. (I'm shooting for weekly) The plan is to release at least one page a week and every month have those pages collected and put that collection up here using

On top of drawing and writing these little webcomic pages I also happen to be writing two comics as well. As you can see from the comic page there's a reason I'm becoming a pro at writing but not drawing, well, for now at least perhaps all the practice will boost my skill. Basically if my wonky art isn't to your liking I hope you can still enjoy the comedy.

Which brings me to what Mixtape is. Mixtape is a comic about randomness. Every page is just stuff happening. This page happens to have the whole page be about one thing, but sometimes even panel to panel things can be completely unrelated and random. It's basically my way of cooling off from writing stories by having a comic where I do anything I want. I started it when I was 15 and... you CAN look for those old pencil comics if you search hard enough, or you can ask me. But, eh, let's forget about those eh? Here's the debut webcomic page:

If you want to know things like "is this how crappy your normal stuff looks like?" "do the characters have names?" "just what are that red-head's measurements?" Then go here: and check out character profiles and the like. If you're on deviantart go ahead and add me to your watch list too. I do commissions too, $5 for a full color character drawing.

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