Tuesday, October 8, 2013

1st Impressions: Eternal Warrior # 2

Written by Greg Pak
Art by Trevor Hairsine, Clayton Crain& Brian Reber
Valiant Comics

                Gilad’s reunion with his daughter, Xaran, gets complicated as she points out cause he neglected his job; there is danger to the entire world. Gilad realizes his daughter is being chased as they meet the Sword of the Wild. It is there where Gilad makes a fateful decision … just like the decision to walk away hundreds of years ago.

                Hairsine and Crain really get their chance to shine without overlapping with each other or causing some kind of imbalance to the issue’s story. Crain deals with the past and gives us a very brutal wild west while Hairsine gives us a gritty and rough present. Their panels are nice and detailed with full backgrounds and people. The rougher style of Hairsine continues to shape the way Gilad looks but Crain’s work still is breathtaking and dirty at the same time. Reber colors some mean panels to give it the right level of beauty and grit; perfect about a series about an immortal warrior that has no qualms about killing.
                A strong job by this art team.

                Pak continues to get us deeper and deeper into the characters. Not only do we get significant development for Gilad but , also get developments in his daughter as well. The plot continues to add layers of depth into the characters and story while also raising the stakes. Pak’s dialogue and narrative continues to be a fun read.
                Pak continues world building, giving Gilad a more distinctive past, compared to what was done with him before. And the pace and flow of the issue was superb. A great issue.

                Great writing at a perfect pace with interesting characters, a developing plot, a troubled parent-child relationship and spectacular art really makes this issue shine.


                I give Eternal Warrior # 2 a 9 … out of 10. Pick it up tomorrow.

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