Tuesday, October 8, 2013

1st Impressions: JIRNI # 5

Written by JT Krul
Art by Paolo Pantalena, Brett Smith & Wes Hartman
Aspen Comics


                Ara decides to deal with Nindar after his “secret way” in the palace turns out to be not so secret. As Ara goes towards the goal of finding her mother, we get Torinthal betraying his Lord. The final show down reveals some more of the origins of the D’jinn as well as a heartbreaking decision from Ara as she fights to rescue her mother.

                Visually, Pantalena really does a great job with his pencils this issue. The detail to the people and backgrounds are exquisite. Ara looked as deadly as she was beautiful. The action flowed extremely well and, from panel to panel, the issue read and looked more like an anime than a comic. Pantalena’s rich pencils with sharp detail really jumps out at you and never looked better. The colors from Smith and Hartman just flesh out the book even more. The entire book glowed with beauty and a richness in look. And the expressions on the characters faces were well detailed.  A stellar job by this art team.

                Krul continues to write an entertaining joyride as he scribes this final issue of volume 1. Ara has come a long way and Krul develops her, her mother and even Torinthal this issue. Krul dives into the origins of d’jinns in this universe more; giving not only more depth to the characters but speaks on being bound by something or someone. Krul also uses Ara to speak on how people do not understand how big the world is until they go beyond it.
                The dialogue in this issue was very natural. The plot progression was great. Krul leaves you with just enough to want more. My only real gripe is that the issue reads fine but feels just a tad too fast at the end. Otherwise, it is a solid issue with great story and characters with a fitting finale.

                While the issue kinda hit a bit a snag with its pacing, it is overall a solid issue. There was resolutions that seemed natural, revelations that definitely fit into the world of Jirni and enough dangling plots to carry over to a second series while allowing this one to stand alone.

                I give Jirni # 5 an 8.5 …. Out of 10.

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