Friday, November 29, 2013

Mixtape - A cunning linguist vs a master debater

Oy. I'm totally a day late and a dollar short on Mixtape aren't I? ...Even though Mixtape updates on Fridays. Not even colored or anything. Well, my creative energies lately have been drained. Since mid October I haven't been writing or drawing not to my usual standards anyway. This comic here has been drawn since early October but I felt it might have been too risque but after talking with some people who felt it was funny I decided to put it up as this week's Mixtape page. There won't be a volume collection for this month since there was only what... 2 pages including this one? If there's a normal amount of pages for next month I'll add these to that month's volume collection. I might even color this one for that collection.

Again, I'm sorry for doing much less than I thought I would for this month. Hopefully my mind gets back in the swing of things again and I can put out pages and write those comic scripts again. As a sort of bonus because I feel I should add something extra here's a gallery of my pencil sketches which contain a bunch which I didn't make public for whatever reasons. These are ONLY available for people to view that aren't me via this link.

Also remember check out my deviantart for more stuff. Like my recent Street Fighter stuff.

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