Sunday, December 1, 2013

Comics News: Gargoyle Bob Descends In Time For Holidays

Gargoyle Bob Descends On Black Friday 
Kickstarter Campaign adds free books Black Friday Special

(Los Angeles, CA- November 27th, 2013)
 The creative team behind the Gargoyle Bob franchise announced today a Black Friday special to boost their Kickstarter campaign for their graphic novel about a Chicago cop who must become a gargoyle to save the world from an undead horde and overdue Mayan apocalypse. Gargoyle Bob started as a script that won
 at the NYC Horror Film Festival. Vincent Ho (E. Motion Express) and Stan Shaw (Fried Green Tomatoes, Harlem Nights) have teamed up with Ted Boothanakit (Diablo III, Spiderman 2, EuroTrip, The Hangover) to create the art for the series. Want free books? Donate on Black Friday at and get a free digital copy of Gargoyle Bob. You will receive this free copy REGARDLESS of the success of the campaign.
Shaw explains, “This book is a labor of love. I know that there are a ton of kickstarters out there and I know that all of them aren't going to get funded. I am from the city of broad shoulders and I know you don't get something for nothing so we wanted to give fans new and old a first hand look at our property.”
About Gargoyle Bob:
GARGOYLE BOB reveals the true origin of gargoyles for the very first time. The secrets behind ancient legends unfold in the hidden worlds of present day Chicago. Amidst gleaming sky scrapers, creatures of the night and deities that have forgotten their true selves walk among the more human citizens. Gargoyle Bob even discovers a nether dimension to the Criminal Underworld and the Chicago Way. But he must also deal with a renegade gargoyle that threatens to raise an Undead Army and plunge the world into eternal darkness. Thank God he has back-up; the Sisters of Jeanne d'Arc, nuns with guns that will blast away any spawn of Satan as they keep watch over the gargoyles.

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