Sunday, June 22, 2014

Straight Forward Reviews : X-O Manowar # 26

The latest issue of X-O Manowar takes a break from Aric and goes into the backstory of some other characters, one which you have already seen another which you'll definitely see more of.

Writer - Robert Venditti

Art - Diego Bernard

Publisher - Valiant

Review by Jeremias de Leon


The story is an issue long flashback that gives the motivations for at least two of the Armor Hunters. The story reads a little bit like a typical sci-fi story. The bar where a good chunk of the set up for the battle and the set up for the next story during the end, and the technology used during the battle scenes gave a bit of a Mass Effect vibe.

Still though the characters were written very well and the events, though with plenty of science fiction elements still had a gritty, grounded feeling as the characters Malgam and Reebo felt fear and desperation in their fight.


Diego Bernard's line-art has beautiful details and a sense that everything shown is actually alive and part of an actual world, or in this case, universe. Brian Reber's colors add to that and totally make the moods the comic was going for in the different scenes.


The world for this flashback or prequel or whatever you may want to call it did seem like plenty of other science fiction space opera stories. But the characters were well written enough and the action was cool enough that it was still a fairly enjoyable read. I give X-O Manowar # 26 an 8 out of 10

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