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Welcome to the first of a brand new interview series were we talk to celebrities, internet personalities, politicians and more about their love of comics. This week, for our inaugural posts, we will be interviewing many of the folks with our friends, Reviewtopia. Starting us off is Laid Back Comics' own, Bryan Clendening.

Interview by Frankie Rodriguez

CBC:To our readers out there Bryan, you are the host of Laid Back Comics & Who Would Win, what got you started in doing a comic book review show?

BAClend: I got into it while I was still finishing up my college degree, at the time there was this certain review site which I am sure people can guess which by now that caught my eye. On there I noticed the one comic book reviewer and what he was doing. I enjoyed it for the most part but I noticed it seemed one sided to spotlight the only the "Bad" comics. So I said one day I would spotlight the good comics and then it slowly moved into spotlighting comics I read in general.

CBC: Ah I see. Laid Back Comics has seen it fair share of good and bad comics. What, so far, has been your favorite book to review on the show and why?

BAClend: I think my favorite one might be one of my early review of Atomic Robo, It since has been taken from the internet when Youtube nuked my account. It was just great to spotlight something I knew a lot of people didn't know. I had recently discovered it and felt like an excited kid and wanting to show it off to everyone I could. The series also was Shadow from Beyond Time which mixed in Lovecraft himself for a few issues and made this fun crossover with Robo himself.

CBC: I did see that review before it got nuked. And it is a solid read. Switching gears to Who Would win, how was that born? And what made you decide on its format?

BAClend: Funny Story, True Story. I got the idea from a debat card game I own. The came had two decks, one with people and the other a contest. You were suppose to debat on who would win in some of these outlandish concepts and it hit me. I have seen and done these types of conversations with comic book characters before, I should do it again. So when I sat down to do my first one I didn't really wanted to be outlandish and silly so I treated it as seriously as I could do, while remembering these are comic book characters. But, at the same time a small goal of the series was as always spark a debat. So I would look to powers, skills, examples, but most important of all I kept their personailties in tact. A set of ground rules they would follow. Though I throw those out when I have two villains up there.

CBC: Which of the Who Would Win's are your favorites cause you have done quite a few by now?

BAClend: I would say my Deathstroke vs Deadpool was my favorite because it was the first. But, the top spot has gone to my newest one of Spider-Man vs Blue Beetle Ted Kord.The images of a meet up of those two characters made me smiling for a while. And edging in close to that one is Voltron vs Devestator for the sheer robotic carnage that would have taken place.

CBC: Dear God, I loved all three of those; Just some great stuff all around. Now, which Laid Back Comics was the hardest to do? Which Who Would Win was the hardest to do?

BAClend: Oh God, my mini project of the New 52 was the hardest thing I had ever have to do. See I took this as a great oppertunity to look through each book and give my thoughts and so on. Kind of forgetting that meant I would be reading 52 different books for a whole month. That was 13 books a week And I love comics, but never had I read so much before. And what also didn't help was that I have a day job so I couldn't get to my shop until about the afternoon where of course this being a huge event most of the books were gone by the time I got there. So I would sulk home and buy them digitally to finish off the project.

The hardest who would win was Beast Boy and Nightcrawler just because I couldn't pick a winner. I swear I had notes and notes trying to point out which one would have the best advantage and when ever I think I got it, another idea came up and countered it. So it became a draw and some have called me out on a cop out, and frankly I do agree to a point with that. Sooner or later I am going to get myself an answer, if just for my sake.

CBC: Yeah that was a rather large undertaking but looking back, how did you feel you did with your new 52 round up?

BAClend: I feel like I did what I wanted to do and that was to look at every book as if it was just how they said it was a new beginning. I was fair and kept true to what I liked and didn't like. Now the only thing I would done a little different is show some art inside the book, but I didn't want the reviews to go too long.

CBC: Yes. You did mention that, I believe in one of the  reviews.  So, how did you start collecting comics?

BAClend: It was a joint effort from my older brother and myself, he would read some and I would read them after he did. Soon I would grab what I could back then, maybe an issue of X-Factory here or a Superman there. It was a bit random due to lack of money at the time. As I grew up the hobby stuck around. Later I became more 'seriouse' if you will and making weekly trips to shops. I still seemly pick up random series, but now they are in order.

CBC: So, what are some of your favorite books? who are some of your favorite creators?

BAClend: I have always been a superhero fan so it always would but about Spider-Man, Superman, Captain America, Green Lantern, The JSA were always books I would look forward to read. Favortie creators is really hard one to nail down with. But, More often if you can get people like Mark Waid, Marv Wolfman, Amanda Conner, or Geogre Preze on a book I am normally there. Oh also I am a huge fan of Alex Ross Art.

CBC: What are some of the trends in comics are you not so much a fan of?

BAClend: The every year you get the 'SUPER BIG AWESOME MEGA EVENT' from the big two. And while more often when I do get to read them I enjoy them, but at the same time I get tired. You have these run for 6 to 8 months. A few months of normal story and then you go right back into the next event. There isn't enough time to breath and let things sink while these are going on. Need an off-season of stories before a superbowl.

CBC: What would you have to say is the one book or character you ABSOLUTELY cannot collect comics without (your favorite) at this time and why?

BAClend: Right now I might be Green Lantern, I have sat through a lot of the major events that followed the book and for me feeling like it is really at the peek of what it is. Plus, it's space based adventure and I can't say no to space adventure.

CBC: Awesome. What are you looking forward to, comic book wise, in 2012?

BAClend: A few things, I know I am going to sound a bit like I am condradicting myself a little, but Avengers vs X-Men does have a lot of good things going for it as a MEGA Event. And I would be lying if said I wasn't at all intrested in what may happen. 

The other is to see where the industry as whole will go. DC sent a good jolt through the place and has gotten people buying again to the point we may in fact see some growth. Marvel taken point by starting to push out advertising as well. And then you have Image who wants to really stand out and create whole lines of creator owned books for the market. Something no one else has really done so.

CBC: Yeah. DC has really giving a jolt to the industry and Image & Marvel, as well as other publishers, have taken advantage. But finally, what can we look forward to this year from Laid Back Comics & Who would win? Any final words to the readers and fans?

BAClend: For me, I have few series I am currently reading and hopefully going to share with everyone. From things like Voltron, Transformers, Defenders, and perhabs a few older forgetten series. As for Who Would Win, I am just going down my list I keep adding on to, but not going to let too much out of the hat.

As for a final word, straight from me. Read what you enjoy because you enjoy it.

CBC: Awesome. Thank you again for this interview.

 BAClend: Thank you

You can see Laid Back Comics & Who Would Win? on Reviewtopia. 

NEXT WEEK: Frankie (Seraph) goes to talks to Toku Expert & Comic Book fan, EZ RIDER!!!  NUFF SAID!! 

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