Tuesday, October 16, 2012

First Impressions: Harbinger #6


Written by Joshua Dysart
Art by Khari Evans, Matt Clark, Jim Muniz, Matt Ryan & Sean Parsons
Valiant Comics


   After leaving for the Harbinger Foundation , Peter finds that he isn't quite fit for the Foundation and another  Harbinger, Eddie, wants him out. After finding out that Harada has his friend Joe killed, Peter goes on a rampage against members of the Foundation.

   After Peter takes down one of his teachers, Peter takes on Eddie for vengeance against killing Joe. But Harada arrives and things get nastier.


   Evans, Clark and Muniz blend their styles very well together that you can barely tell a difference between them. They all convey feelings, emotions and actions very well. The emotional moments hold impact. The battles are brutal. The inks are fresh and help bring the pencils to life. The colors are distinct, giving this book a flavor of its own. The characters are easily distinguished and you can feel the brutality of the battle. .


   Dysart really gives us a great, super charged skip. The characters felt very real. The stakes were high. Our lead characters is very multifaceted and you do feel for him because of the manipulation at the hands of Harada.

   The other characters have a real voice. I want to know more about these other characters, especially  Livewire. There seems to be a good bit of construction going on with the issue and the series overall but Dysart is using that to create plotlines and character situations that keep readers interested.


   Honestly, there was not a single thing wrong with the issue. The art was spectacular and original with an almost cinematic flare with classic sensibilities  The pacing is excellent. The characters feel real. The story makes me want more.

 This issue was PERFECT. Seriously . Sure, you need to get the whole storyline to feel the full impact but the payoffs in this issue are amazing.

  Harbinger #5 gets a 5 ... out of 5. 

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