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Welcome again to CBC's NEWS EDITION! Here, J1 gives you the news that you need for your comic book addiction.


    As we all know, Marvel's current event, Fear Itself has already been gaining a lot of press with its globe shaking attacks and the death of Bucky Barnes, the current Captain America. The Worthy, composed of villains and Heroes of the Marvel Universe, are the lead Generals of the evil Asgardian God of Fear's army. Sin (aka the new Red Skull), Juggernaut, Absorbing Man, Titania, Attuma, Grey Gargoyle, the Hulk and the Thing. (Yes  . . . Bruce Banner and Ben Grimm fell under the sway of the power of the Serpent, the Asgardian God of  Fear).
    And while Odin is making Asgard a war machine to purge the Earth, a new group is coming in to stop the Serpent and his Worthy. Look at the first teaser of  THE MIGHTY . . .

The Mighty are slated to make their debut in Fear Itself #6 . . .

Okay folks. Some of these are REALLY apparrent while others are not. So let's do with some interesting guesses shall we:


Let's go with the easy ones that are apparent: Ms. Marvel with that BIG AXE, Iron Fist, Hawkeye

Not so apparent: The one on the far right is probably Spiderman, the one with his legs out is probably Wolverine, the one coat and holding a staff is probably Stephen Strange, the one in the middle is either Iron Man, War Machine or Pepper Pots aka Rescue. 

Leaving the last two, which seem to be females . . . that are NOT apparent either. The One with a large sword could possibly be a She- Hulk or a taller woman .. . but if its not a girl, which I am pretty sure it is, that opens the door to a LOT of possibilities.  Same with the woman between Wolverine (?) and Hawkeye. Spiderwoman? Mockingbird? Jessica Jones - Cage?  (which I am hoping for) 

Either way we are looking at it, we will see what the Mighty can do against the Worthy coming Fear Itself #6 & #7.  Plus, just note that Brian Michael Bendis, who is writing both Avengers and New Avengers, has stated  that there would be some MAJOR roster shake ups for both groups and we may be looking at the beginning of it here. Find out this September.  Fear Itself is written by Matt Fraction with art by Stuart Immonen from Marvel Comics.


    With the recent success of the storyline in New Avengers issues #9-13, iconic comic book creator Howard Claykin is gearing up to give us more of the Avengers Intitiative team he created alongside Brian Michael Bendis. The 5 issue mini series will be written and drawn by Claykin himself, featuring Nick Fury's Avengers team he formed during the aforementioned storyline which includes: Dum Dum Dugan, Kraven the Hunter, Namora, Silver Sable's father, Mr. Amos Forture, Bloodstone, Sabertooth and Fury himself.
   For the new miniseries, Claykin stated that it will pick up where the New Avengers storyline left off and that there will be some changes in the line up.

Yes. I opted to lose Bloodstone and Silver Sable, because I felt that they were a bit redundant to what we were doing. We needed something a little more different. I added the Blonde Phantom, who I've always wanted to use. The rest remains the same.

The Blonde Phantom is a character from the 40's who is "a gun toting hot babe". As she rounds out the team, they will face an overt threat and a more hidden threat during the miniseries, says Claykin and promises to add on to the relationships and interactions first forged during the storyline.  Look for Avengers 1959 # 1 to hit stores this October.


   With  52 # 1s slated for September, there have been characters missing. And with the missing characters, there have also been missing creators. DC recently shed some light on that mystery, revealing that there will be more titles to come. Didio stated that he wanted to have up to 80 titles coming out monthly, that includes the titles from Vertigo and the kiddy books; which leaves some room for possibilities.

   Yet there has been some confirmations. Batman Beyond will return with a new ongoing, written by Adam Beechem. Whether Ryan Benjamin will return to pencil is anyone's guess but Batman Beyond will be leading the pack alongside Superman Beyond & Justice League Beyond.

Also confirmed to come out in October:

Penguin: Pain and Prejudice #1 by Gregg Hurwitz and Simon Kudranski 

The Huntress # 1 by Paul Levitz, Marcus To and John Dell.

A few other possibilities have not been fully hammered down but there was some confirmations on projects: James Robinson has already written several issues of a new series, which we believe to be the new Shade series; A new Batman Odesssey by Neal Adams, My Greatest Adventure from Kevin Maguire, T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents by Nick Spencer. Plus Nicola Scott, Amanda Conner, Scott Kollins and Phil Jimenez all have projects set to debut soon, but without release dates and confirmations of what they are . . . YET. With San Diego Comic Con around the corner, we will definitely see what the future holds. And promises of Batman Incorporated will hit in 2012.

Didio went on record during a tour stop a couple weeks ago in Dallas stating that he wants 80 titles and if a title is doing bad, they will NOT hesitate to cut it. This is all turning into one huge gamble. More on these upcoming titles in weeks to come.


First is a Megaman Tribute Hardcover featuring over 300 images celebrating the fighting robot himself, Megaman.The full color art book will feature not only pictures of Megaman but also Megaman X, Megaman Legends, Mega Man Zero and more in nearly various art styles that can be imagined. At the con, there will be a limited edition Hardcover which will also feature a Megaman Manga by Hitoshi Ariga, who also gave art for the tribute book.
   Some of the artists in the hardcover tribute book also include Sanford Greene, Sean "Cheeks" Galloway and more.  It is going for $ 80.00.

The second book is a Street Fighter Legends Ulitmate Edition Hardcover, featuring the entire Street Fighter Legends series as well as the Ibuki, Sakura and Chun-Li comic series. There is also appearances from your Street Fighter favorites such as Ryu, Ken, M. Bison, Elena, Sagat, Karin, Dan and more. The hardcover is going for $80.00

Finally, we have UDON's original graphic novel collected in hardcover named Randomveus. Randomveus follows the adventures of Raimundo and the One-Dimensional Couriers in the fantastic and wild world known as Randomvenus. What is so wild about it? Well, Robot gorillas, Octopus ninjas, samurai mushrooms and more fill this world, created, written and drawn by Jeffery "Chumba" Cruz. This hardcover is going for $30.00.

All three will have limited copies and artists from UDON will be available for signings during the Comic Con. Those artists in the UDON Entertainment booth include:

Joe Bluhm (Mega Man Tribute), Jo Chen (Street Fighter Legends, Buffy The Vampire Slayer), Jeffrey “Chamba” Cruz (RandomVeus), Andrew Dickman (Mega Man Tribute), Omar Dogan (Street Fighter Legends), Sean “Cheeks” Galloway (Mega Man Tribute), Sanford Greene (Mega Man Tribute), Alvin Lee (Street Fighter Legends, Hatsune Miku), Matt Moylan (Mega Man Tribute), Joe Ng (Street Fighter), Ryan Odagawa (Mega Man Tribute), Arnold Tsang (Street Fighter), Eric Vedder (Darkstalkers), Long Vo (Street Fighter, Inception), Adam Warren (Street Fighter Legends, Empowered), Jim Zub (Mega Man Tribute).


   Co-creator and writer Steve Niles has recently stated that he is coming back to the 30 Days of Night franchise to pen the new ongoing from IDW. Niles admitted for wanting to come back to his old stomping grounds for a while and IDW has him for the launch of the new ongoing; which shifts from Barrow, Alaska to Los Angelus, the City of Angels himself. And the artist going for the ride is legendary artist Sam Kieth.

 “I've been wanting to get back into the 30 Days of Night universe and shake things up for awhile now. I've just been waiting for the right moment, and the right artist. I have the right artist in Sam Kieth and the time is now.”

  Sam Kieth has gotten his feet familiar with the 30 Days of Night universe with his recent miniseries with prolific horror legend Joe R. Lansdale, also published by IDW. The ongoing opens with a curious women getting cryptic warning that leads to desires . . . and possibly her demise in Barrow, Alaska. Meanwhile, in LA, the wheels of what could be the end of mankind start to turn with the resurrection of a vampire.

30 Days of Night #1 by Steve Niles and Sam Kieth will hit stores in October for $3.99. 


   Garth Ennis is around a LOT these days. He's writing The Boys over in Dynamite. He's writing Crossed, the gory yet entertaining series over in Avatar Press. And now, he unleashes his film vision to the world at San Diego Comic Con. The World Premiere of Ennis's Stitched will be seen during the con, followed by a full panel with Ennis, the cast and producers of Stitched. It will feature a Q& A session as well as the first look at the Stitched ongoing, penned by Ennis.
      The 15 minute film follows three American soldiers after a helicopter crash in Afganastan in which they trek through mountains in Taiban territory to find not terrorists . . . but ancient supernatural beings working for a present day evil.
    Stitched  # 1 written by Ennis with art by Mike Wolfer will be released with Stitched DVD come this November nationwide.


The J1 Culture Force is having their 1st official J1 An-Ex (Anime Experience)!!

You remember us from our Anime Events, but since we are growing/changing I figured we should get a new name as well.

It’s going to be at the Hawthorne Recreation Center (in Philadelphia, PA) on 12th and Carpenter St., which is six blocks down from South St. and two blocks East of Broad St. (near where CAPA and McDonald's are located)

$2 AT THE DOOR (free for children under 12).
$5 FOR TABLES (if you wanted to sell anything). Limited tables (1st come 1st served).

Things to expect:
-Anime to watch
-Commissioned artists
-Accessories/Jewelry for sale
-3DS Streetpass Meeting
-Card battles are welcome (Yugi-Oh, Naruto, Pokemon and Magic)
-Cosplay contest
-$2 Raffle
-PSP and DS players are welcome
-Comic books, graphic novels and manga for sale

Hopefully we'll see you there!


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