Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Igle Wants Danger & Needs You to Kickstart It

 A look at Molly Danger herself, made by creator, Jamal Igle.

  Jamal Igle, an artist who is mostly knowing for his run on Supergirl, has become a freelance artist earlier this year. And as such, he has been working on several different books for other companies. Yet, now, he unleashes his latest brainchild, Molly Danger.

   Molly  Danger is a girl who is a super hero who has been protecting the city of Coopersville for the last 20 years. Funny  things are a - she looks 10 years old and b - she's seemingly immortal. Yet, her life is shrouded with mysteries as she makes friends with a boy named Brian; the stepson of a D.A.R.T. pilot who helps keep a close eye on Molly.

   One of the inspirations of creating Molly Danger was the lack of all ages comics here in the United States. Igle wants to change that with give it another title alongside a female hero of a different kind. Igle teamed with   Action Lab Entertainment in order to make a full Molly Danger hardcover a reality. Igle has even stated 8.5 x 12 hardcover, split into 4 books that will come out twice a year. Any extra money for the first book would be used for the second book, so on and so forth.

  To get the full lowdown on Molly Danger, please go to the Molly Danger Kickstarter.

  Many creators in the industry have tweeted, asking for fans to help fund the project including: Gail Simone, Kurt Busiek, Jeremy Whitley and more.

 Any pledges can be from a $1 on up, with each higher pledge leading to more stuff you would get depending on your pledge amount. So please, take a look and make this book a reality. We've got about 9 days left. Please, donate what you can before the deadline.

  And here's a look back at my  interview with him back in February of this year: Jamal Igle Interview

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