Saturday, October 13, 2012

Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Week: 10/13

Hello I am Darkon633 and this is my first post on Broken Infinite. Today I am going to give you the First Yu-Gi-Oh card of the week.

For this week its the trap card called magical hats.  Now I bet you are wondering why I chose this card.  Well the answer is you never know what traps lay behind each hat.  This card was primly used by Yugi from the first season of the original series and its actually not a bad card to use even now.

There may be a huge difference between the anime and the real card game effect but either way it can be a nuisance. Since this card can protect your monsters it may be able to help you perform an Exceed Summon or even a Synchro Summon. Well one thing is for certain though never use it on the dueling network cause it will seriously make your head spin.

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