Monday, October 15, 2012

Blue Beetle, Grifter, Frankenstein and Legion Lost Join the Pit of Cancellations

    Yep. DC does it again. With their low selling performances, Legion Lost, Frankenstein  Blue Beetle and Grifter will all be cancelled as of their #17th issues. This titles, added to the other previous cancelled books that include Voodoo, Static Shock, Mr Terrific, Blackhawks,OMAC, JLI, Men at War, Hawk & Dove, the recently started GI Combat, Resurrection Man and  Captain Atom. That makes 15 titles, over 1/4th of the new 52 has been cancelled.

   While the announced new Superman title by Snyder & Lee plus Justice League of America do bring in some hope ..., that doesn't change the fact that DC is getting very used to chopping off titles.

  According to CBR though, not all the cancellation were part of the 4 lowest selling books:

Fro example, two of the cancelled books – "Grifter" and "Blue Beetle" – are definitely the lowest-selling books in the New 52 line that haven't been announced for cancellation already, so their end comes as no surprise. However, "Firestorm: The Nuclear Men" is next in lowest sales before "Frankenstein," and a number of other titles like "Hawkman," "I, Vampire" and "DC Universe Presents" mix in before "Legion Lost." Meanwhile, the next lowest series up are "Deathstroke" and "Demon Knights."

    The final issues of these books will hit stores this February. And maybe it is time to have Grifter & Voodoo on a new incarnation of WildCATS .... I'm just saying.

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  1. You forgot Resurrection Man from September and G.I. Combat. G.I. ends in December and gets replaced with Threshold.