Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Comic News: Help Kickstart Lazerman's First Collection

  HBComics have has several titles out digitally for many to read but now, they are getting ready to push their frist trade of their all ages cult favorite, Lazerman. Lazerman deals with a young man who is a comic book geek who, by twist of fate or accident, gains super powers himself. Thus, he becomes Lazerman but suddenly realizes that there is more to being a hero than just having the super powers.

   The all ages book is done by the creative time of brothers Alan and Chris Hebert.The creators wanted a book that anyone could read and have a classic feel to it, according to Chris Hebert on their Kickstarter. The Kickstarter is to help pay for a print version of the first 4 issues of Lazerman. HBComics are doing their best to make comics fun again and want to push Lazerman in the for front. Lazerman has been featured in other comics such as The Maxx, The Tick, the War of the Independents and more.

  The Trade would collect issues #1-4 and 15 more pages of extras featuring pin ups from other artists such as Billy Tucci (the creator of Shi). They are over half way to their $6,500 goal but they need your help now.

 Go to the Lazerman TPB Kickstarter page now and donate. Let's help make this book a reality.

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