Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Even More Exclusive Wizard Figuarts and D-Arts Mewtwo?!

Tamashii has once again shown they are slightly paranoid on how to release SHFs because recently they announced that Hurricane and Land Styles will be joining Water Style as Tamashii Web Exclusives.  At this point we can clearly see just what happens when Bandai decides to market more forms on the show it transitions badly on the SHFs to the point making most of the forms exclusive or not even made at all. Land Style will be released next April at the price of 3675 yen while Hurricane Styles' details are unknown at the current time.  Source:TokuAnimeNews via Tokunation

We also got a surprising announcement for D-arts Mewtwo.  We knew some day a Pokemon Arts figure would be released eventually but Mewtwo was a complete surprise.  The only reason I think they chose him was because he was in Super Smash Bros Melee but other then that he looks pretty cool.  He will be a retail release next March at the price point of 3800 yen.  Source: TokuAnimeNews via Rangerboard

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