Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Kamen Rider Wizard Flame and Water Style SHFs

Recently in a FigurOh magazine we finally get to see a look at the upcoming Kamen Rider Wizard Flame style form and a newly announced Water Style SHFs.  With Tamashii Nations around the corner this is just a first peak in what we have in store for.

Flame Style will be released in February next year at the price of 3500 yen.  Water Style is the first Wizard exclusive SHF and will be released in March for the price of 3675 yen. Unfortunately the compound eye effect that most Figuarts have are not present on these Wizard SHFs but hopefully they will add that to the Dragon Style because personally I think it wouldn't look as good if it didn't.  Source: TokuAnimeNews via Tokunation


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