Friday, October 12, 2012

NYCC: Peter Parket NOT Spider-Man in upcoming re-launch; MJ and Spidey back?

Even though I'm interested in the recently announced Marvel NOW relaunch, The Superior Spider-Man, that doesn't mean I'm questioning some decisions that the comic giant has made with this, like today's news article for example......

According to Newsarama, during a retailer breakfast that was held, this thursday, writer Dan Slott said a few more details with the comic.

Courtesy of the site:

"Dan Slott teased a few more Superior Spider-Man details during a retailer breakfast held at the start of New York Comic Con. Marvel Comics has confirmed that Slott told retailers in attendance that the Spider-Man starring in the January-debuting series is indeed a character other than Peter Parker, and that Spider-Man and Mary Jane would be getting back together — which would mean that Peter and MJ will not be."

Though this was reported by many others comic sites, one actually revealed that this new Spider-Man will have retractable claws.

What will happen to Pete in #700 that has him no longer being "the amazing wall-crawler"? Does he die? Does he once again retire? Is Marvel gonna go extremely drastic and make Pete a villain? More Importantly... who's this new Spider-Man?

Flash Thompson? (currently "Venom"... go read it now)

Kaine? ("The Scarlet Spider".... another Marvel book I recommend)

or if this would be tied in to the ending of this year's event book, Spider-Men....

"WARNING!: If no one has read Spider-Men #5, do read any further and thanks for reading this article."

Miles Morales (616/Mainstream U): Like it's shown in the final panel of Spider-Men. After peter does a "goggle" search on the character, it's possible by his reaction that there is a version of Miles in Peter's universe. It's also possible by judging from his reaction, that they're maybe a connection/Peter knows this "Miles" in his universe.

Whatever happens to Pete and whomever this new wall-crawler is, we won't know until the final issue of Amazing Spider-Man, which is still slated to release on both newsstands & digital download, December 25th. The debut of the relaunch with the new spidey, "The Superior Spider-Man", will be available on newsstands & digital download the following day, December 26th.

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