Friday, October 12, 2012

NYCC: Scott Snyder and Jim Lee headlining new Superman title

If there was one BIG announcement that came out of yesterday's DC Comics panel, it was this one. In celebrating the boy scout's 70th anniversary (along with the upcoming 2013 reboot "The Man of Steel"), it was confirmed that a brand new ongoing series titled "Man of Steel" will debut next year and that the creative team for this comic, will be writer Scott Snyder and artist Jim Lee.

On the title fitting with the continuity & what should be expected with the debut

"This will play along with the other Superman books in the sense that it's in continuity, but we really wanted to carve out our own territory. This really is sort of the biggest, most epic Superman story we could do together while having our feet planted firmly in continuity and making sure that everyone had enough room. For us, this is an independent book and something that will challenge Superman in a big way that's unique to our book. At the same time, I'm friends with Scott and with Andy too, so we're really excited to play alongside each other and share ideas. I think one of the interesting things about him is that Clark is always Clark. But for Superman, the thing that makes him such a strong character is that the values he grew up with and the person he was raised to be are still at the core of what makes him the most powerful superhero on earth. This isn't going to be a story where it's Clark versus Superman or seeing the two of them split. It's more about challenges for Superman that rock him to the core emotionally, psychologically, and also physically. It really is going to wind up putting him up against someone who can go blow-to-blow with him and really take him down."

Artist, Jim Lee on why he decided to team up with Snyder on 'Man of Steel'

"I would say with my Co-Publisher hat on looking into 2013, it's Superman 75th anniversary. So we wanted to do a lot of great things with Superman in the coming year and expand the number of books we put out under his name. From an artist's point of view, I always want to work with the writers I admire. I've following Scott's work on "American Vampire" where I actually did a variant for the first issue, and I followed him straight through to "Batman" where I loved the way he introduced new mythology and made it seem so seamless and like it'd been there forever. I wanted a chance to work with Scott and do it on a character like Superman where we could see what he could come up with to show us what this character is about even as we've known him for 75 years. Scott and I had a breakfast at San Diego Comic-Con, and he walked me through this story, and I was sold from that moment on."

Along with this announcement, there was also shown new artwork at the panel, for the 2013 book by Mr. [Jim] Lee.

Stay tuned later tonight for another big Superman announcement in regards to the post-Grant Morrison era of "Action Comics", from yesterday's panel.

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