Thursday, October 25, 2012

Tamashii Nations Day One Coverage

Earlier this morning Tamashii Nations has shown the new line-up of figures ranging from SHFs to even Monsterarts. 

To start off with we finally get a look at Kamen Rider Blade in SHF form.  He is one the three Pre-Decade Heisei Riders that hasnt been released in the Figuarts line until now.  He looks pretty nice so far and it will be cool to see if Bandai will show the other riders from his series in the next couple of days.

 In the next picture we get a look at a whole bunch of Showa related SHFs.  We can see Appolo Geist who was a really huge fan wanted figure along with Riderman and Kamen Rider X.    Also Stronger fans can finally get a Tackle to go along with their Stronger Figuart.   They even decided to show a regular shocker solider so I guess you can army build those as well.

 Next we got a confirmation that the rest of the Zodiarts will be released.  At this point I wonder how Bandai will decide to release these since most of the ones released so far were exclusive so possibly some of these newer ones will be a regular release.

In the following image we get a look at the rest of the riders from Kamen Rider Faiz along with the Horse and Wolf Orphenochs.   I am glad to see that they made a Wolf Orphenoch because I really liked his design and it will be cool to display him next to Faiz.  Something tells me he is going to be exclusive but at this point I can't even tell how much shown will even be released to begin with.

To go along with the announcement of Space Sheriff Gavan, Metal Heroes fans can will be pleased to see that Bandai has decided to make Shaider and Sharivan as well.  Seeing as Toei is trying to revive Metal Heroes these SHFs are nice to help promote the franchise and a nice addition to the fans collections.

The next image reveals that the rest of the Ryuki Riders will be released in the SHF line.  For this series its hard to tell how they will release them because of the whole contract monster thing getting in the way.  Most Kamen Riders dont have a specific partner of some sorts so being a series that mostly revolved around them makes it difficult to release them.

Moving along we also can also see that Bandai is once again catering to Power Rangers fans with the reveal of the MMPR Green Ranger or Dragon Ranger from Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger.  It looks as though the Dragon Shield is indeed removable so if it is we can make MMPR Red to wear it. At this point its pretty much inevitable that the other rangers will be released as well so we finally get a definitive figure team of the original Power Rangers.

For those who Superhuman Samurai fans you should be glad that Zenon has also been announced to go alongside Servo so the only one that needs to be released is Drago.

Finally we also find out the other "she" that Bluefin was referring to and it was none other then SH Monsterarts Biollante.  The massive female Kaiju is sure to be the most expensive and the biggest figure yet in the line.  So this has been a look at day one at Tamashii Nations so stay tuned for the next couple of days for new announcements.  Source: TokuAnimeNews via Tokunation

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