Friday, November 2, 2012

Help Kickstart Dominion's Light


    Time to help another comic meet its goal of being made. Enter: Dominion's Light. 

Promo art featuring  Kyshia, Hammerius Rex & Reso with Lord Valgon in back
     Dominion's Light is a graphic novel that deals with high fantasy, written by current Thundercats cartoon writer Brandon Easton. The graphic novel focuses on the adventure of a trio of characters who come together due to some personal tragedy in each of their lives and a quest for a mystical item: the Key Ultima. It seems that the Key Ultima leads to a greater object of power called the Cyclean Bible. The Trio better find the Key Ultima fast cause they will have to fight against Lord Valgon and his Valgonath Reapers in order to get it.

    With a war torn land as one of the many backdrops, Dominion's Light plans on being decidedly different. Chief among those differences is that fact there is a lot more ethnicities in this story than they are in other fantasy novels. There is an Asian who has mystical powers and is called a witch named Kyshia; a lizardman who is a Prince but was exiled by his own people named Hammerius Rex: and finally a Latino man trying to help his troubled father by the name of Resoloth. Easton also said he wanted to tackle themes he did not see in fantasy such as Reso's father being a gambler sunk in debt or Hammerius Rex, a Prince who was banished by his own people but also a Lizardman. Easton even points out that Lord Valgon himself is a black man; who, according to Easton and other sources, the first black villain in the fantasy genre since James Earl Jones in the original Conan movie several decades ago.

    Art in the graphic novel is being done by Dawid Strauss, who recently worked on Darksiders II. The goal is $20,000 and needs all the help you can give. All proceeds go towards the graphic novel and the rewards for donating; so please donate today. Get more info at:

    Dominion's Light Kickstarter

And if you like the art, please go to:

   Dawid Strauss' Deviant Art

   Stay Tuned here for more news on this project.

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