Friday, November 2, 2012

Super Fighting Robot Week: Brightman

This is the last day of Super Robot Fighting week and the last robot master to review is Brightman.  He is a strange looking one and he has a blaster he never used in the show which is really stupid.  Not to mention his power wasn't that great either.  He is in my opinion the weakest of the line so its a hit or miss if you want to add him to your collection.   Ironically I did get him with the box which I didn't bother showing although it might have been nice to do so.  I have one more robot master named Snakeman but he didn't come with his missile so I didn't review him but I did mention him in the review.  To make it short Snakeman is a pretty cool figure too but it would have helped if he had his missile.  There is one last figure in the line named Elecman but he is a pain to get due to his price so I didn't get him yet.

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