Friday, February 1, 2013

Comic News: Old is New Again in Starlin's Stormwatch

Announced a few weeks ago, legendary comic creator Jim Starlin is going to take over both art and writing duties for DC's Stormwatch. While many fans speculated the direction the book will good, yesterday, Starlin posted some art on his Facebook page, giving a taste of the future.

So, in all likeliness, we are gonna get to see another incarnation of Stormwatch show up, possibly replacing the current New 52 version thanks to the current multi-dimensional storyline in the book. Starlin's old character the Weird makes his New 52 debut. Classic Authority style uniforms hit Apollo & Midnighter as they come to rescue their New 52 selves alongside another Stormwatch team which includes Starlin's The Weird, Hellstrike, The Forecaster, Storm Control, Jenny Storm & alternate dimension versions of Engineer (with Midnighter and Apollo of course).

 Stalin also indicated on Facebook that he's staying on Stormwatch for A LONG Time.

"I just finished writing and penciling the cover for issue #23 and am having a great time working on the title. So budget accordingly. I'm not planning on going anywhere anytime soon."

Starlin's first issue of Stormwatch hits shelves this April.

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