Saturday, February 23, 2013

Comics News: Johns & All Creative Teams Leave, New Creative Teams Named

  After 9 years, Geoff Johns who revitalized and popularized the Green Lantern franchise is bidding a fond farewell. After so many adventures with Hal, Guy, Kyle, John and Simon, Johns will leave a legacy behind that may well last for the next century to come. With that said, Johns isn't the only person leaving GL. All the current creative teams on the Green Lantern books are leaving. Yep. Doug Manhke, gone. Tony Bedard? Says Adios. Peter Tomasi, he's outta here. But Johns' leaving is one full of pride.

  He commented on the Source that is final issue, Green Lantern # 20
:    "The bizarre return of Hal Jordan, the final fate of Sinestro, the revelation of the First Lantern and an ending that I hope pays off everything we’ve ever done and ever created with Green Lantern."

 With that said, the brand new creative teams on the Green Lantern books have been announced and certainly some big ones.

   First up. The torch bearer for the Green Lantern main title will be none other than Robert Venditti (who writes X-O Manowar for Valiant & Demon Knights) alongside former Marvel artist Billy Tan. Yes. Long time Marvel artist is now doing a flagship DC Title. It seems that Venditti backed out of writing Constantine in favor of writing Green Lantern and to continue his run on the cult favorite title, Demon Knights.

  Meanwhile,Tony Bedard says a fond farewell to Kyle Rayner. Green Lantern: New Guardians will now be handled by writer Justin Jordon (who writes Valiant's Shadowman, taking over Superboy as well) with former Marvel (Dark Avengers) artist Brad Walker.  And Kyle as the White Lantern ... seemingly sticking around for a while.

Taking over in Green Lantern Corps is former I, Vampire scribe Joshua Hale Fialkov and former Demon Knights artist Bernard Chiang. Meanwhile, Fialkov will also take over writing Red Lanterns alongside artist Alessandro Vitti.

  Finally, the GL titles get a new addition to its ranks.The greedy Larfleeze gets his own title to be written by comic veteran Keith Giffen with art by artist Scott Kollins.

  With that, the only person with any extensive experience with the Green Lantern is Giffen; which makes these creative teams all the more interesting.

   Check out Green Lantern # 20 coming in May while the new creative teams take over as of June.


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