Thursday, February 21, 2013

Harbinger # 9 Review

Written by Joshua Dysart
Art by Pere Perez & Ian Hannin
Valiant Comics


            Picking up from the events of # 8, the new Renegades are under attack by Project Rising Spirit and the man known as Tull. (Remember him from the first few issues?). All of the Renegades are captured … save for Faith. And as Faith goes into “super hero” like narration, we see her origin story and how his girl decided to be the way she is.

            We also see Faith meeting Peter and some other lead points as Faith decides to rescue her fellow Harbingers … seemingly alone. Although, we also get an interesting conversation with Kris and Tull which leaves every answer leading to bigger questions.


            Pere Perez style definitely fit this issue. The panels dealing with Faith’s past, done in traditional comic book style really fit with the exposition (which was Faith narrating) of the issue. Faith looked like a girl with some extra pounds who could fly. And was done so beautifully at every angle. There was an energy in his pencils & inks alongside Hannin’s colors that really seem to project Faith … as a character and how we can relate to her.

            A lot of great shots of Faith. It was nice seeing a full-figured woman in comics getting such great screen time. And Pere Perez really let the energy and optimism of Faith guide his art for the issue. Hannin’s colors were perfect, reflecting this woman who has truly over come in a colorful way. A great job by the art team this issue.


            It is sooooooooooo refreshing to have a character like Faith. She has over come tragedy but not allowed herself to be muddled by darkness. Instead, she decides to see the light and Dysart gave us a beautiful character in faith. That no matter what, she will keep going and be happy.

            I was so pleased to see REAL LIFE things being referenced. From Superman to Lord of the Rings to the Avengers. Really glad that we didn’t get some fake movies/comics that were only available in that world. It was a great touch to make readers feel more attuned to Faith.

            Faith’s origin was sympathetic and her reactions believable to the point that it may inspire others to look at writing more characters like this. Faith’s struggles are external, not internal.  The more you read this issue, the more you become a fan of her and the book.

            The conversations between Kris & Tull and later Tull and a mindscrewed Peter were also entertaining. Tull dealing with a clean slate. No memory. Little emotion.  And it definitely works. Lots of smart writing done this issue, even though we see little of Torque and Flamingo. Yet, this was Faith’s time to shine and definitely delivered there.


            Harbinger has definitely stepped their game up. This issue brings a lot of tears, cheers and mysteries that keep you captivated. Dysart is crafting Harbinger to be a solid book about the characters with great powers … not super people with powers and little character. This issue was a nice slam in the face to any one who believed that a character could only be interesting if they got through tragedy and was all angsty about it.

            This notion turned that idea on its behind then punted it out the window. A wonderful character piece that still helped grow the main plotline. Harbinger is proving one of the best character driven books out there.


            I give Harbinger # 9 a solid 9.5 out of 10. The art and story were masterful and I can’t wait for next issue.

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