Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Comic News: Pandora Hits the stage From Fawkes & DC

   During this year's Emerald City Comic Con, DC Comics announced another new title coming this June called Trinity of Sin: Pandora. Since first appearing in Flashpoint #5 back in 2011, Pandora has been staying in the shadows ... even though she was a key element that changed the DCU into the New 52. After she appeared in the New 52 # 1s and recently decided to visit Phantom Stranger, she is getting a new solo series. The new series will be written by Ray Fawkes with art by Daniel Sampere, who recently worked together in the 2 fill in issues for Batgirl.

   Fawkes sat down with CBR saying this about Pandora as a character:

she's spent thousands of years crossing the globe, over and over again, hearing her name cursed for all the evils of the world. She carries this unfathomable guilt and this searing anger with her -- guilt because she may very well be responsible for all this suffering, and anger because she thinks she never had a chance to avoid unleashing it. She has reason to believe the game was fixed. So she's had all the time in the world to crawl through every kind of shame and pain and remorse you can imagine, and she's come out on the other side of it with a strong, pure sense of purpose. Is that going to lead to more trouble? Yeah, of course it is. But trouble for whom?

   Trinity of Sin: Pandora promises to go through anyone and everyone in the DC Universe. The first issue by Ray Fawkes & Daniel Sampere will hit stands this June.

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