Sunday, March 17, 2013

Executive Assistant Assassins issue 9 review

The Executive Extinction event rolls on and here at TheBrokenInfinite we continue to report on the action, hiding behind an undisclosed rock, safe from the Executive Assistants and Mazutsu's fighting. As we'd probably be able to be taken out by pretty much anybody in this series.

Review by Jeremias de Leon


As stated in the last issue's review things are getting intense, and in this issue if it's not already at it's boiling point it seems it will reach it soon. This issue isn't about the action so much as it focuses on backstory and fleshing out the motives of the characters. Namely Mazutsu and Ivy. We see why Mazutsu is bent on destroying the Executive Assistants, especially Ivy and why Ivy is doing what she is doing. Alliances and betrayals are the order of the day in this issue as well, as we see former allies fighting and former enemies becoming allies. It's all done with reasons too, so it gives the story a sense of unpredictability but it doesn't come off as arbitrary either. The writing has always been pleasantly surprising me since I first started reading this series and it continues to do so in this issue.


Readers, would you believe the art has gotten even better since the last issue? It seems even issues I didn't really care about or picked up on are fixed. The characters always looked good but they also are posed and convey motion even more believably than before. Something I mentioned in a previous review, that the characters in a panel or two looked stiff or unrealistic. I again must mention that it was a rare occurrence then, since the previous issues are more than worth looking at. But moving forward if this kind of level of art continues the series out to be a sight to behold.


This issue's focus on backstory and motive building more than the action is great. It gives it more substance. Plus there's still action so it never gets boring it also doesn't drag on with it's motive building. The characters don't spout long philosophic diatribe or go into random poetry every character gets to the point about what they're thinking or they're explanations for what they're doing. Perhaps because as hardened mercenaries/assassins thinking too much about what you're doing or saying isn't stressed. I was thinking for a while on what score to give it but seeing what it's done fleshing out the story and making the art even better I have to say this is a solid 9 out of 10.

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