Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Harbinger # 11 Review

Written by Joshua Dysart
Art by Khari Evans, Trevor Hairsine , Stefano Gaudiano & Ian Hannin
Valiant Comics


     This issue serves as a prelude and ties into Harbinger Wars. We get to see Harada's first deals with Project: Rising Spirit ... finding out that Rising Spirit has existed for over 2 hundred years. And oddly enough, we pick up where Harbinger Wars #1 left off with Peter talking to the monk ... only to have Harada come in.

    Also, this issue sets Pete's Harbingers down the path they feel they need to take as some abuse their powers and there are consequences for that.


     Khari Evans and Trevor Hairsine pencils are somewhat similar enough that the two styles complement each other and allow for a very easy flow through the issue. Neither style over powered the other and there are some gripping panel work throughout the issue. Gaudiano's inks maybe keep to that as he makes sure Evan's & Hairsine's pencils are sharp, distinctive and really pop at you this issue. We get wonderful backgrounds, very distinctive moments and poses and really great transitions done by Evans, Hairsine & Gaudiano.

    Hanin's colors really bring out the best of all these creators' art this issue. The backgrounds, whether real or mental were very vivid and rich. The shading and color on our characters really captured their personalities and mood of the scene. A great job by the art team.


     Dysart really does an outstanding job this issue as he uses it as an aftermath to the Renegades storyline, a one off issue that serves as a prelude to what is to come and really start focusing on the characters within Peter's Renegades as a group. Dysart shows why they are together and the roles each character plays in this group.

     While Kris seems to be second in command, Peter is slowly but sure taking on his role as leader as Dysart writes him as a man who will take charge, even if he doesn't necessarily want to. Torque is learning about real life but proceeds to act if it was still his dream as it is all he ever knows only to come up with a very soul shatter revelation on how he COULD have dealt with life before during an encounter at the bar. Flamingo is very much a woman who wants to help her friends but also want to let out steam. And Faith definitely throws her weight in as the group's soul & conscious.

   Dysart gives every character a moment to shine this issue and proves great set up for what the Renegades are about to embark on. The pacing for the issue was exquisite. Kudos to Dysart for all his work.


    Harbinger # 11 proves so much in just the 1 issue. A great jump on point. Excellent & very unexpected character development. A rich look and feel while adding to the tapestry of the books on history and characters. And really show why each character NEEDS each other and their role. Morals, right from wrong, destiny and more were all fine points this issue. The art really shined as we saw everyone going through different ranges of emotions throughout the book. Harbinger continues it's steady climb as one of the best comics in the market today.


     And with all that, I give Harbinger # 11 a 9 ... out of 10. Great book. Get it NOW!

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