Tuesday, June 18, 2013

1st Impression: Skyward # 2

Written by Jeremy Dale
Art by Jeremy Dale & Steve Downer
Action Lab Entertainment

Here's my review of Skyward # 1

                We open our issue with meeting some new characters:  a tracker named Abigal, a seemingly reluctant soldier named Jon & their fathers,  Abigal’s dad is the regent of the area while Jon’s dad, Tanner, is a soldier.  After Jon scares away Abigal’s prey, the two go back to their fathers. Their  fathers are discussing the events of last issue loosely as they find Corin’s house burnt to ash.

                Abigal immediately stops herself from being a typical female archetype by find the tracks of Quinn and his dog. Abigal, Tanner & Jon decide to follow the trail and reconstruct what happened to Quinn meanwhile, we find our big bad,  Herod, gets  visit from something called the Vox.

                The art this issue was full of life. There was a lot of energy. And the rougher inks actually helps enhance the overall look of the book.  The rough inks gave the characters a more defined look while also really helping give backgrounds a little more depth. Dale truly does his best with each and every panel, handling it with care as we get everything from the strong and beautiful Abigal to the ugly & grim Slog Riders to the glowing … (NOT SPOILING IT)

                Downer’s colors really help Dale’s work come to life. Everything is vibrant with the touches of darkness it needs when only the panel or scene demands it.  Between the intense art of Dale and the vibrant colors of Downer, we will see what happens soon.

                This issue was framed so very well.  There are so many things right about this issue. The dialogue was fresh and authentic. The characters were fresh, interesting and diverse in personality. The pacing was near perfect.  Yet, what I enjoyed most about the issue was the way that events were shown & explained.  Using Abigail and her skills, she back tracks and reveals what had happened to Quinn through the issue. This is indeed a way of storytelling you don’t see often in fantasy books. The way that Abigail went about it would fit a police drama. Kudos to Dale with his unique way of telling in order to tell us what happened to Quinn. Only making the issue that much more enjoyable to read.

                My only gripe is that how little we spent with Herod this issue but I assume that Herod will get built upon more in the coming issues.

                Last issues great start is only enhanced by this issue. It was a well told, innovative issue that allowed new characters to shine and let’s the reader immerse themselves a bit more in this new world. Strong art and vivid colors make the journey that much more enjoyable.


                A great first issue is followed by a great, innovative second issue. I give Skyward # 2 a 9 out of 10. Well done. Order it & buy it when it hits stores.

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