Tuesday, July 16, 2013

1st Impressions: HARBINGER WARS # 4

Written by Duane Swierczynski & Joshua Dysart
Art by Clayton Henry, Pere Perez, Mico Suayan & Brian Reber
Valiant Comics


                We open with Cronus making a threat to an unknown authority an hour before the final battle began. Then we jump into the chaos of the final battle. And boy … what battle. Psiots were changed. People died. And all the while, Harada was making his own moves for the Endgame of the war.  Bloodshot had his hands full facing off against most of the Renegades; leaving Generation Zero facing off against the H.A.R.D. Corps. And things go from bad to worse.

                As you find, the book makes no attempt the winner of this conflict and just how much the losers of this war lost.


                To say this book’s art ended with a bang would be an understatement. Henry, Suayan & Perez all brought their a game for the book. The panel work by each of these artist were eye opening throughout the entire issue. Crazy angles, distinct characters and vivid backgrounds. Each artist really came to their own here. Suayan though, kind of steals it at the end with his portion of the book, which slightly breaks up the artistic flow of the book but still is amazing to look at.
                Reber did an outstanding job with colors this issue, making sure everyone’s work jumped off the page. Reber switched up colors and shading when it came to the tone of the page and light source. Really solid job by Reber and the rest of the art team of the book.


                Dysart and Swierczynski deliver a solid ending to Valiant’s first event book. It tied up most of the loose ends, set up new storylines, closed chapters for some characters while opening new ones for others. There were a lot of characters this issue and all the main players were dealt with in one fashion or another. I applaud their usage of Harada … having him make sure that the other psiots were not going to have their enhancements explode in their heads then swoop in when he felt the time was right.

                The H.A.R.D. Corps had a very vicious, introduction and their final role in this was just as violent as their hello. The multiple forces made for a chaotic mess. And during all that, one thing that I found smart was that neither of the children told the others that Bloodshot was trying to help the other psiots … being manipulative on purpose. The Generation Zero children … many of them … were very selfish and self serving which was good cause, in all honest, it made you dislike them as much as you felt sorry for them. Although, I do feel that Pete not checking the brains of some of the psiots with Bloodshot a misstep on his part … even thought he was getting his butt kicked by Bloodshot.

                Overall, both writers gave a solid conclusion. Unfortunately, this is the only issue that I would definitely suggest getting the tie-ins for more cause the end was a bit fast. Otherwise, a good job.


                The ending was a little breezy there and Suayan’s art definitely broke the flow but overall, a good ending to a great summer comic event.


                I give Harbinger Wars # 4  a 8 …. Out of 10.

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