Saturday, March 30, 2013

Legends of Power, 50 Greatest Power Rangers Stories Ever Recap # 1

  Okay. Before I drop # 40, Here's a rewind of all the previous 10 Legends of Power Posts. Now, while I have them marked down by week, this will not directly tell you the title of the episode or storyline that got the honor. So, the wording next to the numbers are merely hints to the title of said storyline, NOT the storyline itself. Under the title will be the actual episode and/or storyline title & series it is from.

Week Number/Position on Countdown:

# 50 - Nice to Meet You Zack; Toldja I'd Be Back
           Mighty Morphin Mutant Rangers (MMPR season 1)

#49 - It's Those Machines,Who Have the Means to Use the Art of Tuuu-ning
           Another Song & Dance (Power Rangers Zeo)

# 48 - The Prodigal Son Returns
           From Deep Within The Shadows (Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue)

#47 - Powers Explained by Dr K
          Ranger Blue (Power Rangers RPM)

# 46 - A Rhino Storming In
          Path of the Rhino (Power Rangers Jungle Fury)

# 45 - Do You Want Some T & A to Go With Your Freaky Friday?
          Invasion of the Body Switcher (Power Rangers in Space)

# 44 - Beware the Moon & It's Wolf
          The Zenaku Saga (Power Rangers Wild Force)

# 43 -  I'm NOT a Real Boy?!
          Things Not Said (Power Rangers Operation Overdrive)

# 42 -  Here Comes the Bride, Ready to Fight
           Ranger Yellow (Power Rangers RPM)
# 41 - Time For Time ... Racist!
          Trip Takes A Stand (Power Rangers Time Force)


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